Spermhood Comes to Easthampton March 24 and 25, 2017

12:05 PM

"Spermhood" Comes to Easthampton The Easthampton production of "Spermhood" is happening on March 24 & 25...[...] read more

REUSE ART FAIR at Easthampton Jazz Festival March 4, 2017

10:08 AM

REUSE ART FAIR DON'T JUST COME FOR THE MUSIC, COME FOR THE ART! On Saturday, March 4, 2017 at Eastworks, to accompany the arti...[...] read more

Easthampton Jazz Festival March 4, 2017

12:45 PM

EASTHAMPTON JAZZ FESTIVAL 2017 The first Easthampton Jazz Festival, a full day of performances featuring young and veteran ...[...] read more

Eastworks Open Studios: Where The Creative Spirit of The Pioneer Valley Comes Out From Behind Closed Doors

10:55 AM

Easthampton, Massachusetts, November 5 and 6, 2016 It’s not every day the talented artists, musicians and entrepreneurs who occupy th...[...] read more

Bohemian Rhapsodies: Area Musicians to Accompany Eastworks Artists at Open Studios Event

10:25 AM

Easthampton, Massachusetts, November 5th and 6th Eastworks is reinventing the way the Valley sees music this fall. At this year’s thir...[...] read more

Available Spaces

9:22 AM

Stay tuned for available spaces!  This page is updated frequently.   You can also email us here or call us at 413-527-1000 [...] read more

The West End Community Space

12:09 PM

This 2,400-square-foot room offers an open and flexible space where hosts can hold performances, workshops, training sessions, auctions, fu...[...] read more