The Seth Show | May 2, 2017 | 7p-9p


At Eastworks' THE WEST END, Suite #160 (across from Riff's), Tuesday, May 2, 2017, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

During what he calls The Final Final on Tuesday, May 2nd, Lepore ends his three season run of The Seth Show by taking a look back on his entire existence as a human being. This living memoir will be visually captured in real-time by Sita Magnuson and MaríaJosé Giménez, his partners from Mass Collaborative (dba Easthampton Co.Lab). 

How does one person’s life experience influence or disrupt the life of others? Do our stories have an impact, or are they just cyclical ways we define our circumstances? What is the difference between being on and off stage when you are known as a performing artist? How do you find your people, the ones you would lay down your life for? 

Both an absurdist love poem to the world, and a testament to the perseverance of human resiliency, The Final Final is Lepore’s swan song to his identity as a solo performer and rebirth as a community connector.

This is the final season (and last show ever) of The Seth Show. Pay-What-You-Decide at the end of the show. Take a chance. You got nothing to lose.

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Official Media Sponsor: New England Public Radio
Official Community Sponsor: Easthampton Co.Lab
Official Printer: Collective Copies