The Mountain and Mother Nature - A Father and Son Exhibit About Mt. Tom - Artworks by Ken Gagne and Matt Gagne - opening reception July 14, 2018 at MAP Gallery

The Mountain and Mother Nature - A Father and Son Exhibit About Mt. Tom
Oil Pastels by Ken Gagne - Sculptures by Matt Gagne

Exhibition dates: July 5 - August 3, 2018
Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Art Walk Reception:  Saturday, July 14, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
MAP (Mill Arts Project) Gallery, suite 137, Eastworks

The opening reception during Art Walk also features: Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, Jacqueline T. Lynch, local author of Comedy and Tragedy on the Mountain: 70 Years of Summer Theatre on Mt. Tom, Holyoke, Massachusetts and Mt. Tom's Homemade Ice Ceam

Sponsored by the Easthampton Cultural Council, the Massachusetts Cultural Council and Easthampton City Arts

Anyone who lives in the Valley is familiar with "The Mountain" and has traveled over it, hiked it, or just stepped out their door to admire it. The MAP Gallery presents a father and son exhibit of oil pastels by Ken Gagne and sculptures by Matt Gagne creating an entertaining and thought provoking experience traveling over Mt. Tom witnessing Mother Nature's power to create, destroy and preserve the beauty of this local resource.

"Approximately 20,000 vehicles travel over the mountain every morning allowing passengers to appreciate the power of Mother Nature's forces as seen by the destruction from the 2014 microburst and the regeneration that has followed," states Ken. "Using the colorful Hindu goddess Kali Ma as a model for Mother Nature, I want to provide the viewer with a mystical reflection of The Mountain." For example, in Gagne's drawing, measuring 48" by 84," titled "Mother Nature's Destruction," a blue-skinned, eight-armed Mother Nature is riding an Easthampton brown bear while surgically cutting a path of destruction one mile long and 1/4 mile wide through the mountain.

"I am more interested in exploring the concepts of preservation and natural cycles," states Matt Gagne. "Mother Nature created a natural balance where nature is best left to its own devices, and that human intervention into it is often unacceptable." Matt's piece titled "Altered Decay" depicts the deceased organic materials of flowers, and the ways in which human beings preserve, alter and display these once living treasures. 

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