Milltown Artisan Fair - November 11, 2018

Milltown Artisan Fair

- a juried selection of fine handmade goods -

Sunday, November 11, 2018 - 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

West End Event Space, suite 160, at Eastworks
116 Pleasant Street
Easthampton, MA 01027

The first Milltown Artisan Fair brings 20 talented artists and makers together on Sunday, November 11, 2018 at Eastworks, in the West End Event Space (suite 160), from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Find the perfect gift and support local artists.
Exhibitors include:
Three Posies - Jewelry, cards & prints, and assemblage art – odd, mysterious, and strange. Collections of vintage rosaries and old jewels, discarded things and curiosities are reassembled into new and unique pieces that whisper and tease of lost stories. Created by Bronwen Hodgkinson in Easthampton. Three Posies on Facebook
Free Ramblin’ Kids - Handmade footwear and toys for young children made from upcycled felted wool sweaters, created by Katie Cavacco.
bucktoothwhale - Oddities, curiosities, critters and creatures made with local antique found objects. Pieces are created to be explored and uncovered…peeking under lids, moving levers, discovering hidden surprises.
My Monster Hat - Fleece monster hats, monster scarves monster catnip cat toys, potholders and tea towels, tree ornaments, kitty postcards, finger monsters, hand-drawn pins, kid-friendly minicomics, and other small items created by Anne Thalheimer. .
La Boa Brava - Mixed metal artisan jewelry created by Hannah Staiger. Pieces are crafted out of sterling silver and brass with the occasional gemstone and patina brass, using simple hand-powered metalsmith tools.
Cindy Bow - One-of-a-kind decoupaged switch plates using illustrations from found books.
BMcVintage Design - Upcycled antique silver plated serving dishes, powder coated in bright, food safe colors, making the antique contemporary, in an exclusive process developed by Beth McElhiney. Also, a brand new clothing collection of custom designed pieces created with images of graffiti.
Carol Ostberg - Hand painted upcycled furniture; art: paintings, illustrations, note cards, and ornaments.
Amy Thompson Avishai - Photographer. Cards, photographic prints, framed photographs and photographic prints mounted on bamboo. Silver gelatin and pigment prints, all archival.
Heather Beck Designs - One-of-a-kind custom jewelry and magical objects in fine metals.
Emma Rose Artwork - Prints of original drawings, hand-colored with colored pencils, matted, mounted on hangable woodblocks, or matted and framed. One-of-a-kind hand-drawn and colored pins, made with artist pens and colored pencils.
Peter Cangialosi Art - Original woodcut and monotype prints along with smaller prints and handmade notebooks.
Judy Scott Novak / Judy Kahooti Designs - Handmade, hand-sewn tea towels printed with original designs from images taken from the artist's sketchbooks. Ornaments from vintage materials.
Daniel Chiaccio - Printmaker - Etchings printed from copper plates which the artist has designed and etched, printed onto fine rag paper.
Mardelle Nietupski - Mardelle Makes - Tote bags, purses and bow ties for humans and pets from whimsical cotton fabrics on patterns from scratch.
Lisa Blacher Ceramics - Hand-created ceramics from red earthenware clay. One-of-a-kind hand-built tiles, boxes and vessels depicting narrative imagery of interior and exterior landscapes.
Frank Wilda, Jr. - Wildaness Woods - Woodturner: ornaments, bottle stoppers and openers, honey dippers, pens and more.
Nina Dodge - Sky Clad Quilts - Modern quilts, wall hangings, and pillows out of various types of cotton fabric including those dyed by the artist.
Marcia Hayden Hendrick - Outfits By Marcia - Handbags, wallets, scarves and other accessories. Bags and wallets are constructed of leather and/or fabric; scarves are hand-painted silk.
Tracie Beasley - Handmade bracelets, key chains, necklaces and anklets with hand-stamped custom messages.