Event Spaces

Eastworks has a long history of fostering community by offering exciting, flexible spaces for events large and small.  Our rooms are available for private parties, community-based gatherings, and educational, training and arts-related events. Eastworks has plenty of free parking in lots located at the front and back of the building. Our event spaces are described below, or contact our Event Coordinator for more information.


Please submit your proposed event request to the Event Coordinator at events@eastworks.com. Include the contact name: the event's title (as you would like it to be marketed, if undecided, state "TBA"); requested date(s); projected number of guests/participants; and the beginning and end times for set-up, event, and breakdown.  Please indicate whether you represent a non-profit or business entity and give a short description of the event.


Eastworks' West End Event Space is filled with natural light from south-facing windows that overlook Mount Tom, Lower Mill Pond and the landscaped and lighted Manhan Rail Trail. It is located at the west end of the first floor across from Riff's Joint.  Restrooms are accessible on the same floor. More information here.

121 CLUB

Contact our Event Coordinator at events@eastworks.com for details.

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Contact our Event Coordinator at events@eastworks.com for details.